Hands On or Hands Off: What Role Do You Want to Play?

Taylor C Standard

Our excellent designers will work hard to understand your renovation dreams, expectations and budgets. This information can only be obtained by asking the right questions and listening intently to your responses. After determining your big-picture objective, our designers want to know how involved you’d like to be in day-to-day operations, or if you’re wanting to be involved at all.

Almost all of the new kitchens and baths renovations that we undertake are managed by either a project manager, designer or general contractor. We ask our clients how often they would like to receive updates on progress and scheduling. Some of our clients want updates daily, others are happy with weekly summaries, and there are those who are content to be informed on a need to know basis. We not only ask how frequently the client want progress reports, but also in what format (phone call, email, other) and from whom.

Renovating your home requires you to make several decisions. We encourage clients to make as many decisions as possible before the renovation project begins. The goal is to have a plan in place and an understanding that we will stick to the plan unless something unforeseen occurs. Developing a solid plan allows for the timely ordering of the various components and more precise scheduling of each phase of the project. It also helps to keep the project on budget and on schedule, because there is less of a possibility of changes occurring or being requested once work begins.

Advanced planning is key to minimizing the unexpected with any renovation project. The design phase is the time to be actively involved with your project, explaining to your showroom consultant how you want your new kitchen or bath to look, feel and function. What makes for a good renovation plan? Please give us a call at (407)369-9366 or visit our showroom at 935 N. Orange Ave. Ste 102 in Winter Park and let us show you how to turn your dreams into realities!