Keeping Up with the Latest Trends!

Taylor C Standard

As an increasing number of homeowners now become more adept and comfortable working from home, the kitchen continues to grow in importance as the most significant, functional and enjoyable room in the home. Today’s kitchens are multifunctional, serving as classrooms, offices, studies and break rooms, as well as the main room in the home to gather, spend quality time, prepare meals and dine.

With the continuous evolution of the kitchen’s role, here is what we expect to trend this year:

Design responding to the new roles that kitchens serve. 2021 kitchen designs will incorporate artwork, decorative pottery, cookbooks, collectibles and other items that reflect the owner’s personality and design preferences. That is one reason why we expect open shelving to continue growing in popularity because it allows homeowners to display ceramics, sculptures, plates, cookware, and other important items.

Walnut cabinets are expected to come to the forefront in 2021 as well as darker-toned kitchens. Walnut is soothing, offers warmth and connotes luxury. Don’t be surprised if you see black walls, cabinets and countertops in design publications and social media sites. Black also connotes luxury, and in cabinetry, it can provide either a modern or rustic vibe.

Marble is making a big comeback as a countertop and backsplash material. We are also seeing an increase in wood finishes, such as lighter-toned wood to complement the warmer tones of stone countertops.

Storage is becoming a necessity as working and schooling from home persists. Demand for pantries in kitchens will increase for several reasons. They serve as a central storage area for food stuffs, and that can free up wall space for open shelving, artwork, or be left bare.

Ease of use will also trend in 2021. Everything from touch-open cabinets and drawers that eliminate the need for cabinet hardware to voice-activated faucets, and digital kitchen assistants that help homeowners plan meals, order groceries and inventory supplies, will make using a kitchen much easier and more enjoyable.

Sinks are becoming design statements in addition to the functionality they provide. Sink workstations help improve the efficiency and space in a kitchen, providing additional countertop space and making it easier for homeowners to prepare meals.

Because of the need for private areas to work, attend school or simply relax, open floor plan spaces will be repurposed to provide distinct zones. Use of screens, interior windows, freestanding furniture, cabinets and plants will break up space to provide separate zones for cooking, entertaining and working.

Smart appliances, faucets, lighting, thermostats, locks, doorbells and the convenience features in your cabinetry will continue to advance and gain popularity.

What trends for 2021 make the most sense for your dream kitchen? Let’s talk about it! Give us a call at (407) 629-9366 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 935 N Orange Ave in Winter Park, suite 102. Happy New Year!