Opportunities to Live a Healthier More Productive Lifestyle

Taylor C Standard

Designing for health and wellness is no longer a fad. It has become a staple and for many good reasons. In our ever-connected, technologically sophisticated world, we have found that our clients lack both connection and time, and those shortcomings are fueling demand for in-home spas and baths that provide a place for relaxation, comfort and stress relief.

A bathroom serves functional purposes for grooming and hygiene, and those activities are improved with the proper lighting, ventilation and with anti-bacterial materials and fixtures. Today’s manufacturers are harnessing the ability of water, light, color, sound, music, smell and technology to provide therapies that promote health and wellness and a more enjoyable lifestyle. The following is a list of common fixtures and design concepts that clients are employing to obtain healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles.

Water Closets:

Today’s toilets are being manufactured with germ-fighting coatings and increased comfort and ease of use. There are technologically advanced toilets that feature:

  • Self-cleaning
  • Lids that open automatically as users approach
  • Hands-free flushing
  • Illuminated seats
  • Remote control operation
  • Personal cleansing/bidet functions
  • Temperature controlled heated seats
  • Ability to play music
  • Seats that automatically close softly (soft close)
  • Connection to a personal digital assistant that users can command to lift the seat, prepare the bidet, play music, shop, change lighting and flush among other smart home functions

Mirrors and Medicine Cabinets:

  • Integrated lighting that eliminates shadows and offers comparable benefits to natural light
  • Monitor human health and provide notice of problems remotely
  • Program capabilities that can control other fixtures and components in the room or connect to personal digital assistants, smartphones, tablets and other blue-tooth enabled devices
  • Electrical and smart device charging capabilities
  • Infinite design options to meet any style preference


  • Touchless
  • Remote controlled
  • Voice-activated


  • Therapies that include light, sound and aroma
  • Customizable hydrotherapies that relax and rejuvenate tired and sore muscles, aching joints and pain caused by arthritis and other muscular ailments

Steam Systems:

The therapeutic benefits of steam bathing have been known for centuries. Several of the more common benefits of steam include:

  • Reduces stress
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Improves immunity systems
  • Improves skin health and tone
  • Improves respiration
  • Improves sleep
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Environmentally efficient

Shower Systems:

  • Hydrotherapy capabilities to relax muscles and reduce stress
  • Water delivery capabilities that enhance circulation
  • Color, light and aromatherapies that provide personalized spa experiences
  • Systems that mimic nature offering water flow choices of mist to rain
  • Systems designed for users to recline in the shower
  • Technological that allows for customization for multiple users

These are just a partial list of how homeowners are converting baths from functional spaces to personal refuges. If you would like to know how you can create a bath that serves as a room to improve your family’s health and well-being, please give us a call at (407)629-9366 or visit our showroom at 935 Orange Ave Ste 102, Winter Park FL 32789.