Paul’s Points to Ponder: Outdoor Kitchens

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So, you have been thinking about an outdoor kitchen. You are not alone. Interest in outdoor kitchens continues to grow for many good reasons. One is that an outdoor kitchen adds both increased functionality and enjoyment to your home. Outdoor kitchens increase home values and they create additional space for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying nature.

Outdoor kitchens once thought to be a fancy place to barbecue, have evolved to a place of it’s own where one can entertain and interact with friends and family. Thanks to technological advances and increased product options made specifically for outdoor use, the possibilities are endless, you to create a space as unique as you are. One that reflects your taste and includes the feature you want. Within the last five years, we’ve seen so many more choices for outdoor cabinetry and counters as well as the addition of outdoor appliances, smokers, and refrigeration that enhance your experience.

Many of our clients believe that an outdoor living spacesare a must-have. We’ve designed outdoor spaces that include stylish cabinetry and counters, space-saving refrigerators, and beer taps. Engineered stone manufacturers have developed lines specifically for use in outdoor spaces.

Product advancements allow for an outdoor space that is comparable in quality, design and efficiency to indoor kitchens. In fact, it seems that outdoor kitchens are becoming an extension of indoor spaces. Seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor space can be enhanced by new door and window options. To complement the interior, we often specify porcelain floor coverings that look like stone or wood but have the texture to reduce slip-and-fall hazards caused by rain or snow.

Outdoor furniture is no longer confined to wicker or metal. There are new outdoor-rated fabrics that offer the look, feel and comfort of indoor pieces. Similarly, lighting has improved for outdoor kitchens, and sound systems and televisions enhance the space.

Outdoor kitchens create new and exciting entertaining spaces for families and friends. It does not matter if you like to grill, but do you know anyone who would not enjoy a pizza baked in your outdoor wood-burning oven?

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