The Family that Cooks Together…

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The Family that Cooks Together…
Several of our favorite projects involved families that enjoy cooking together or individually. Divisions of labor in the home are softening as an increasing number of our clients share domestic duties that include meal preparation. Plus, a number of our clients let us know that they are spending more time cooking at home.

Cooking together is love

A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics survey found that 43% of men cook at home. This is the highest percentage in the past three decades. Not only are more men cooking, they also are spending more time in the kitchen, an average of 49 minutes per day, which is the longest time in the last half century. Conversely, 70% of women report that they cook, but that number has been declining from 95% in 1965. Women who do cook also are spending more time in the kitchen cooking, an average of 71 minutes per day, which is the longest time period in 20 years.

Cooking has gained in popularity for a number of reasons. One is the dramatic increase in the number of cooking shows from Food Network, the Cooking Channel, Public Broadcasting Service, the Travel Channel, CNN and others. For many of our clients, especially where both adults in the home are gainfully employed, cooking has become a way to relax and relieve the stresses of the day.01 Powers

Designing kitchens for two or more cooks usually involves creating distinct zones that feature multiple islands or cooking areas, hidden refrigeration drawers, dual ovens and six to eight burners on a cooktop or range or dual ranges, dishwashers, sinks and matching workstations. The reason for separate workstations is to avoid the feeling of “having too many cooks in the kitchen.” There is another practical reason for separate workstations for more than one cook in the kitchen. It helps prevent two cooks from interfering with one another.

This two-cook trend also reflects that many of our clients prefer a larger space for cooking. The average size of the kitchen has grown 53% since 1992, according to the National Association of Home Builders. A larger space does not mean our clients have to compromise intimacy. Larger kitchens require a new take on geometry to help assure that there is easy access for multiple cooks to the refrigerator, cooktop and sink. If the concept of a her and his kitchen brings a smile to your face, please give us a call at 407-629-9366 or visit our showroom at 935 Orange Ave in Winter Park, FL.

Paul Greenspan is a 30 year Veteran of the Kitchen and Bath industry and has been published in a number of local and national magazines. He has taken leadership roles with the National Kitchen & Bath Association, Bath & Kitchen Buying Group, and others. He is currently the General Manager for Central Kitchen and Bath in Winter Park Florida. If you would like more information on Kitchen or Bath remodeling check out his website: or call 407-629-9366